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Stay up to date with the latest news & updates from Save the Bays! Save The Bays is a licensed non-profit organization comprised of Bahamian and international members united in their commitment to preserve and protect the Bahamian environment through proactive policy change, education, legal action and advocacy.

Our supporters and their love of our water, reefs, and marine life gives us the ability to work to protect them in a number of ways, from signing petitions to bringing polluters to justice in court.

We thank you for your support!

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Our Bahamian Bays are the most Beautiful Waters on Earth. But they are disappearing.

We call on Prime Minister Perry Christie to stop harmful development in The Bahamas, and to protect the Bahamas against devastating threats to our marine environment and the marine life that depends on it.

1. Pass an Environmental Protection Act.

2. Create a Marine Park at Clifton Bay so that Clifton Heritage Land site and the Bay can be one unique protected Land and Sea Park for future generations of Bahamians and our guests to celebrate and enjoy, as the start of West New Providence Marine Management Area to save our unique and vital Seven Mile Barrier Reef.

3. Protect our Crown Land and Sea Beds at Nygard Cay and enforce the Rule of Law. Please do not give away our land and sea and instead stop unregulated and harmful development impacts at the Cay.

4. Stop Oil Spills and pass laws to make those who ruin our waters financially and criminally responsible.

5. Pass Conchservation Laws to save our depleting national treasure from Extinction!

6. Pass a Freedom of Information Act so that you put the Bahamian People In The Know; all true democracies throughout the world enjoy and prosper from this fundamental right.

Sign our petition to Save Our Bays

Sign Our PSA

At a time when many Bahamians feel ignored, the Government is considering legislation that would take away more rights resulting in lasting environmental damage, development without an Environmental Impact Assessment or public consultation.

Don’t let this happen to our beautiful Bahamas.

Sign the petition now to keep the important Planning and Subdivision Act (PSA) 2010 in place.

If the Act is repealed or amended, we all lose.

Here’s why:

The new Bahamas bill proposes to leave it up to a sitting Minister in many cases to decide if an environmental impact assessment is needed, without the necessary guidance as to how the Minister exercises his discretion.

The new Bahamas bill would eliminate the right of Bahamians to be consulted or to have a say in projects even if it impacts them directly.

While other countries are getting tougher on developers who violate laws protecting sensitive and fragile marine or land-based eco-systems, the new Bill replaces potentially stiff penalties with a slap on the wrist for damage or total destruction of some of the country’s most treasured natural resources

The new bill would eliminate existing sensible Land Use Plans resulting in chaos, schools being built next to factories or homes being built on wet lands.

The new bill would make it easier for foreign land pirates to enter our country posing as investors and purchase land on speculation, stealing our land.

• The new bill would open the door for continued random, unregulated development and could lead to more underprivileged people living in harsh and unsanitary conditions.

·      The current Planning and Subdivision Act protect your rights to Crown Land, your natural resources, your right to be consulted and to know what is planned for your very own backyard

• Blackbeard’s Cay and Nygard Cay are two high profile cases where the Government ignored the interest of the public to cater to the desires of destructive foreign developers who ignore the laws of The Bahamas. The PSA has been used to stop both projects in their tracks. But the Bill seems to have been designed specifically with such unscrupulous developers in mind, and it will clear nearly all obstacles to their continued flouting of the law, with the willing help of our own government.

Please sign and share this petition. Protect your rights and resources. Help stop this bill before it concentrates the power to monitor and preserve the environment in a sitting Minister’s hand, allows already-rendered court judgments to be ignored and deprives you of the right to be consulted even if a project is proposed for your community.

Stand up. Speak up. Sign today.

Get Organized

Get Organized

If you are concerned that unregulated development may be taking place in your community and feel action needs to be taken, here are some steps you can follow that may help*:

Getting Started

  • Create an organization made up of interested parties
  • Set a mission or goal for your group, it can be one issue, in which case you disband once it is addressed, or it can focus on a more general concern
  • Get your group or association legally incorporated so you are protected from personal liability
  • Elect officers and share tasks: for instance decide who is going to be the spokesperson (people) so you can have one consistent, clear message, who will organize events, manage funds raised, etc
  • Set up a website, Facebook page or other way to share information with the community around you

Gather information

  • Document EVERYTHING including phone calls (times/dates/who you spoke to and the content of the conversation, letters emailed and sent and response (or lack there of), meetings and conversations.
  • Try to put as much as possible in writing and get a delivery receipt when you can
  • Keep records of all stories relating to the issue that appear in the press
  • Figure out which, if any, laws are being broken. Bahamian Laws are available on line: http://laws.bahamas.gov.bs/cms/
  • Write letters to relevant government officials, ministries and offices, local and national requesting to see all permits and approvals and informing them of concerns about alleged illegal activity.

People that need to be written with regard to developments are:

  • Prime Minister Dr. The Hon. Hubert  Alexander Minnis
  • Deputy PM & Minister of Finance The Hon. Kevin  Peter Turnquest
  • Minister of the Environment and Housing, The Hon. Romauld  Sotario Ferreira
  • Port Authority (anything to do with the sea)
  • Ministry of Works (land)
  • Lands and Surveys in Nassau can also be a good resource
  • BEST Commission Philip Weech

A list of phone numbers and mailing addresses for all of the Ministers, Members of Parliament and Senators are available on the Save The Bays’s website.

Spread the word

  • Write press releases and send to all papers, traditional and online.
  • Use social media, for instance create a Facebook page for your group to share information with your supporters
  • Get on radio shows to discuss the issue
  • Create ad campaign to inform public what is going on
  • Have meetings to inform public
  • Always tell the TRUTH
  • Solicit for volunteers, members, donations, etc.

Helpful links to activists kits and tools for activists from a variety of sources:






If you move forward and form an organization and decide you would like to request assistance from Save The Bays, or are interested in becoming a community partner, please download this Community Partner Contact Form and email it to: info@savethebays.bs

*The above are intended to be helpful suggestions and are not to be considered completely accurate for every situation. Each case is unique and it would be good to consult with Save The Bays or other agencies to further advise.  

Contact Your Government Official

Contact Your Government Officials

Voice Your Concerns to Ministers and Members of Parliament

In order for us to change laws and create new ones, we need to make our Government aware that we want change now.  Here are the addresses of your government representatives, please write them a letter (or email) and tell them your concerns.  You have a voice and you can make the difference.

Dr. The Hon. Hubert Alexander Minnis Prime Minister 327-1530/1|5826
The Hon. Kevin Peter Turnquest Deputy Prime Minister & Minister of Finance 327-1530/7 or 702-1500
Senator The Hon. Carl Wilshire Bethel, Q.C Attorney General and Minister of Legal Affairs 322-1141/4 or 502-0400
The Hon. Frankie Alfred Campbell Minister of Transport and Local Government 328-2701/5 or 397-5501
The Hon. Dionisio James D’Aguilar Minister of Tourism and Aviation 302-2000
The Hon. Marvin Hanlon Dames Minister of National Security 502-3300, 356-6792/3 or 356-4400/3
The Hon. Romauld Sotario Ferreira Minister of the Environment and Housing  322-6027 or 322-60005/6
Senator The Hon. Dion Alexander Foulkes Minister of Labour 322-3105 or 397-0700
The Hon. Darren Allen Henfield Minister of Foreign Affairs 356-5956/9 or 356-5960
The Hon. Ellsworth Nathaniel Johnson Minister of State for Legal Affairs 322-1141/4 or 502-0400
The Hon. Jeffrey Leonard Lloyd Minister of Education 322-8140 or 502-2700/4
The Hon. Michael Clifton Pintard Minister of Youth, Sports and Culture 502-0601-5
The Hon. Brensil Dennis Rolle Minister of State for the Public Service and National Insurance 502-7200
The Hon. Lanisha Tamar Rolle Minister of Social Services & Urban Development 397-8600 (242) 356-0762 (242) 323-7814/5 (242) 356-0245
Dr. The Hon. Duane Ernest Lascelles Sands Minister of Health 502-4700 or 502-4877
The Hon. Theodore Brent Symonette Minister of Financial Services, Trade and Industry and Immigration 328-5071-6
Senator The Hon. James Kwasi Malik Thompson Minister of State for Grand Bahama 352-8525/6
The Hon. Renward Ricardo Wells Minister of Agriculture and Marine Resources 397-7400 or 393-1777 or 393-1014/5

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