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Stay up to date with the latest news & updates from Save the Bays! Save The Bays is a licensed non-profit organization comprised of Bahamian and international members united in their commitment to preserve and protect the Bahamian environment through proactive policy change, education, legal action and advocacy.

Our supporters and their love of our water, reefs, and marine life gives us the ability to work to protect them in a number of ways, from signing petitions to bringing polluters to justice in court.

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Our Bahamian Bays are the most Beautiful Waters on Earth. But they are disappearing.

We call on Prime Minister Perry Christie to stop harmful development in The Bahamas, and to protect the Bahamas against devastating threats to our marine environment and the marine life that depends on it.

1. Pass an Environmental Protection Act.

2. Create a Marine Park at Clifton Bay so that Clifton Heritage Land site and the Bay can be one unique protected Land and Sea Park for future generations of Bahamians and our guests to celebrate and enjoy, as the start of West New Providence Marine Management Area to save our unique and vital Seven Mile Barrier Reef.

3. Protect our Crown Land and Sea Beds at Nygard Cay and enforce the Rule of Law. Please do not give away our land and sea and instead stop unregulated and harmful development impacts at the Cay.

4. Stop Oil Spills and pass laws to make those who ruin our waters financially and criminally responsible.

5. Pass Conchservation Laws to save our depleting national treasure from Extinction!

6. Pass a Freedom of Information Act so that you put the Bahamian People In The Know; all true democracies throughout the world enjoy and prosper from this fundamental right.

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