Oil Spills

With the presence of a major power plant in the area, oil spills and waste oil leaching have been a regular occurrence. Such spills and the hot water outlets put tremendous pressure on the surrounding reefs.

As our island becomes more populated, the need for fuel increases. As a result the number of tankers off-loading fuel at Clifton Pier dock is also increasing. It is important to ensure that the tankers properly evacuate their lines before disconnecting to reduce fuel spillage.

Development and industry are essential for jobs and our economy, but we have to ensure that the growth is sustainable and environmentally sensible. The Bahamas currently does not have a statutory body created by legislation to ensure proper oversight and regulation of the industries that impact our environment.

Save The Bays is advocating for the immediate passage of an Environmental Protection Act to hold polluters accountable for detrimental impacts to our shared land and marine resources.