Save Guana Cay Reef

www.saveguanacayreef.comSave Guana Cay Reef is a group dedicated to protecting the natural wonder that is Guana Cay and ensuring that there is a long lasting legacy for Abaconians.The group was formed in March 2005 in response to government supported development plans for a golf course, marina and housing development on the tiny island. Save Guana Cay Reef believes that a golf course is the least environmentally sensitive way to develop the land and that the project is too big and invasive for an island as small as Guana. Despite unsuccessful bids to stop the project, the group remains very active in fighting to keep developers from compromising the natural environment.

Save Guana Cay Reef’s ultimate goal is to bring about the enactment of an Environmental Protection Act and a Freedom of Information Act for The Bahamas so that the environmental impacts of future developments are regulated by law and developers are forced to consult the people most affected – two key priorities shared by the Coalition.