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Nygard defies Supreme Court once again

In the face of two applications to commit him to prison for contempt, the controversial fashion designer continues to insult the judiciary and act as if he is  above the law.

New evidence has emerged showing that Peter Nygard has once again defied the Supreme Court of The Bahamas, aggressively dredging the seabed off his property despite having already been accused of contempt for similar actions on two previous occasions.

The controversial designer has been under an injunction ordering him not to dredge since 2013, when leading Bahamian environmental group Save The Bays (STB) launched judicial review proceedings citing years of unauthorized construction and serious damage to the surrounding environment.

“Three strikes, and Peter Nygard is out,” said STB legal director Fred Smith. “We can only conclude that this man believes he is a law unto himself and can spit in the face of the Supreme Court of The Bahamas whenever he chooses.

 “Just days after the judge visited his property in an effort to see for herself the site of the last alleged infraction, he is at it again, aggressively dredging the seabed and Crown Land— which belongs not to him- but to every citizen of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas.

“He is acting in blatant defiance of our laws, making a mockery of our sovereignty and spitting in the face of our judicial process. He simply must be stopped.”