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Save The Bays / IN THE NEWS (Page 3)
  • Advocacy Giants Join Forces

    Citizens for a Better Bahamas the latest group to partner with Save The Bays as emerging ‘citizens’ rights revolution’ continues the march towards a unified front Fast-growing social and environmental movement Save The Bays has gained a crucial partner in the fight for enhanced civic rights and government transparency in The Bahamas. Citizens for a…

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  • Waterkeeper Alliance partners with Bahamas

    The Bahamas Investor Waterkeeper Alliance, which has organizations and volunteers in 37 countries, announced its first partnership with The Bahamas this week to protect reefs in the Clifton Bay area of New Providence. The group’s president, Robert F Kennedy Jr, announced the partnership after diving the reefs last weekend.Waterkeeper Alliance is an environmental group that helps…

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  • Freedom of Information Lecture Announced

    Save The Bays and the College of The Bahamas set to host first in a series of talks entitled “Our Right to Know” Save The Bays (STB) and the College of The Bahamas have announced a two-year partnership to raise awareness of the vital importance of citizens rights and government transparency through a series of…

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  • Save The Bays, Bahamas Waterkeeper Join Forces to Commend BREEF on Undersea Sculpture Garden

    Two major marine environmental voices today joined forces to congratulate the Bahamas Reef Environmental Education Foundation (BREEF) for commissioning and installing an underwater sculpture garden off New Providence’s southwestern shore, calling the work “a stunning example of why it is so important to draw attention to the need to protect and preserve the marine assets…

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  • Luxury yachts offer hurricane relief to The Bahamas

    Innovative humanitarian outfit uses luxury vessels to deliver critical supplies and ongoing support to natural disaster sites around the world As relief efforts continue in the islands hit hardest by Hurricane Joaquin, a pioneering international aid organization has offered an invaluable helping hand to The Bahamas.YachtAid Global (YAG) delivers humanitarian, developmental and conservation aid onboard yachts…

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  • Save The Bays Donates to 6 Schools for Environmental Programs

    Hundreds of students in the northern Bahamas will find environmental programs in their schools next year, thanks to a generous donation from Save The Bays.Recipient schools, all in Grand Bahama, were surprised when they were selected without knowing they would be competing for the first of its kind donation. “We wanted to reward each of…

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  • Waterkeepers Bahamas Dives into Summer Supporting Swim Programs

    Two swim programs in Grand Bahama got a welcome boost this week with donations from Waterkeepers Bahamas, the local licensee of the world’s largest and fastest-growing non-profit solely focused on clean water.“We were pleased to show our support for the Freeport Aquatics Club, which has been such a powerful force in teaching discipline and sportsmanship…

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  • Save The Bays Pins 24 Bahamian Youth Environmental Ambassadors

    Zhyir Miranda, 12, knew even as a youngster that littering was wrong. But it wasn’t until she signed up for Youth Environmental Ambassadors and saw the damage it could do to marine life that she fully understood littering wasn’t just ugly – it was dangerous.“Littering does not just look bad, littering can kill the turtles…

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  • Nygard defies Supreme Court once again

    In the face of two applications to commit him to prison for contempt, the controversial fashion designer continues to insult the judiciary and act as if he is  above the law. New evidence has emerged showing that Peter Nygard has once again defied the Supreme Court of The Bahamas, aggressively dredging the seabed off his…

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