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Save The Bays / IN THE NEWS
  • We Must Leave the Right Legacy

    AN URGENT MANDATE FOR THE PRESERVATION OF OUR BAHAMAS & MOTHER EARTH By: Joseph Darville, Chairman – Save The Bays My people, we are called to be the environmental consciousness pioneers, at this critical juncture of Earth’s dramatic agony, caused by our human species. Our mission is sacred; the indomitable laws of nature require us…

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  • The Right Kind of Development

    Carnival Cruise Port :: The Right Kind of Development and Perfect for Freeport, Grand Bahama By: Frederick Smith, QC Carnival’s  Grand Port project is shaping up as  an ideal model for how  development should occur in The Bahamas. It is being pursued transparently and in accordance with the law, through a commitment to environmental preservation,…

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  • It’s Freeport, Stupid!”

    As Bill Clinton Might Say: “It’s Freeport, Stupid” By: Frederick Smith, QC   FREEPORT, Grand Bahama was the first “Anchor Project” ever conceived for The Bahamas. It remains the most ambitious in vision and scope, the most potentially game-changing for our economy and the only one we ever really needed in the first place. The…

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  • 28,000+ Signatures Cry Out for Preservation of Lighthouse Point

    By: Joseph Darville, Chairman I am a man and I cry. There, I have said it. I cry for the inhumanity of human against human. I cry for all the parts and parcels of The Bahamas that Bahamians do not have access to. Please, please do not make Lighthouse Point one of them. Every time…

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  • Fraternity brothers help monitor water quality

    FREEPORT, Bahamas, March 15, 2018 – Waterkeepers Bahamas is on a mission to educate the entire population about the importance of clean water. The latest partner in this effort is the Sigma Beta Lambda chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, and members volunteered to take part in one of the environmental group’s groundbreaking water-monitoring programs…

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  • Save the Bays named partner by leading global nonprofit

    Save the Bays named partner by leading global nonprofit Affiliation will give local advocacy group access to funding from more than 1,200 environmentally conscious companies and individuals around the world A reputation for fearless and groundbreaking environmental advocacy has led to Save the Bays being named an official partner of one of the world’s foremost…

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  • Save The Bays Supports YMCA Learn to Swim SOS Program

    Declaring it was proud to help impart lifesaving skills to children growing up on an island surrounded by water, the fast-growing environmental movement Save The Bays today presented a substantial grant to the YMCA SOS Learn to Swim program in Grand Bahama. The contribution will pave the way for thousands of children to take an…

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  • Save The Bays Raises Alarm Over Treasure Cay Project North Abaco Chief Councilor Requests EIA

    A surging environmentalist group is raising the alarm over what they call “yet another irresponsible construction project” in the Family Islands. Following a recent tour of the Treasure Sands Club in Abaco, directors from Save The Bays expressed concern and dismay over dredging off a world-famous beach. Treasure Cay, known for its pristine three miles…

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  • EARTHCARE and Biminites on Bimini proposed cruise ship terminal

    EARTHCARE is very concerned by the revelations in the press regarding the development plans for Bimini.  Several Environmental Organizations have been trying to find out if there is an Environmental Impact Assessment completed for the proposed development.  The most recent entity to assume control of the former “Bimini Bay Resort”, the Genting Group, a Malaysian…

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