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Social Media Rules of Engagement
These are fairly simple, and should be nothing new to you, but we want to make sure we are clear regarding what type of conduct is acceptable on our social media communities.

Important points to be aware of:

  • The pages are a place to talk about and discuss the preservation and protection of Clifton Bay and other marine environments surrounding New Providence Island. We are passionate about this mission and we know you are too.
  • We want to hear from you and we encourage your comments, questions and suggestions. We ask that you stay on topic, post content that is relevant and applicable and be respectful of our community. While we may moderate anything that is offensive, unsuitable or derogatory, we are not legally responsible for content posted by third parties.
  • We reserve the right to remove unlawful content and any other content we deem abusive, offensive, off-topic or in violation of the terms, conditions and policies that belong to specific social networks. We will block users from our pages if repeated inappropriate behavior is observed, as per the rules of the specific social networks.
  • By using our social media pages, you warrant that you will comply with all applicable domestic, foreign and international laws.
  • By using our service you consent that we may process the personal data (including sensitive personal data) that we collect from you. In particular, we may use information we hold about you for the purposes of moderating content and seeing who visits our online communities.