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KB Brings Back Hit Tune Calling for ‘True Freedom of Information Act’

The Bahamas number one rake ‘n scrape artist Kirkland ‘KB’ Bodie is lending his voice to the growing chorus of organizations calling for a ‘true’ freedom of information act, declaring the united effort to push for transparency and accountability from government is unlike any movement he has ever witnessed.

“This is unprecedented – to have 17 groups coming together from environmental organizations like Save The Bays to business organizations like the Bahamas Chamber of Commerce and the Retailers Federation to The Bahamas Press Club and civic voices like Organization for Responsible Governance and Citizens for a Better Bahamas – all united for a single cause, freedom of information. That’s thousands and thousands, maybe tens of thousands of people represented, demanding that government finally pass legislation that establishes the people’s right to know the people’s business,” said Bodie, who for the past three years has written, performed and produced powerful and popular music with a message. Much of his music has been in conjunction with efforts by Save The Bays, which hosted the first rally for Freedom of Information in 2014. “When I saw the list of who’s supporting a true freedom of information act, not a political tool, but an act with real teeth, I resurrected the first freedom of information song that I recorded for that first rally in Rawson Square and re-released it last week.”

The chorus, said the star, says in plain language what community and civic leaders have put in “far more elaborate and eloquent terms” in communications to government. “A freedom of information act will get the country back on track, show us every contract sign, where every nickel, every dime, make sure our business straight, money going in da right place, country running way too slack, freedom of information act.”