Contact Your Government Officials

Voice Your Concerns to Ministers and Members of Parliament

In order for us to change laws and create new ones, we need to make our Government aware that we want change now.  Here are the addresses of your government representatives, please write them a letter (or email) and tell them your concerns.  You have a voice and you can make the difference.

Dr. The Hon. Hubert Alexander Minnis Prime Minister 327-1530/1|5826
The Hon. Kevin Peter Turnquest Deputy Prime Minister & Minister of Finance 327-1530/7 or 702-1500
Senator The Hon. Carl Wilshire Bethel, Q.C Attorney General and Minister of Legal Affairs 322-1141/4 or 502-0400
The Hon. Frankie Alfred Campbell Minister of Transport and Local Government 328-2701/5 or 397-5501
The Hon. Dionisio James D’Aguilar Minister of Tourism and Aviation 302-2000
The Hon. Marvin Hanlon Dames Minister of National Security 502-3300, 356-6792/3 or 356-4400/3
The Hon. Romauld Sotario Ferreira Minister of the Environment and Housing  322-6027 or 322-60005/6
Senator The Hon. Dion Alexander Foulkes Minister of Labour 322-3105 or 397-0700
The Hon. Darren Allen Henfield Minister of Foreign Affairs 356-5956/9 or 356-5960
The Hon. Ellsworth Nathaniel Johnson Minister of State for Legal Affairs 322-1141/4 or 502-0400
The Hon. Jeffrey Leonard Lloyd Minister of Education 322-8140 or 502-2700/4
The Hon. Michael Clifton Pintard Minister of Youth, Sports and Culture 502-0601-5
The Hon. Brensil Dennis Rolle Minister of State for the Public Service and National Insurance 502-7200
The Hon. Lanisha Tamar Rolle Minister of Social Services & Urban Development 397-8600 (242) 356-0762 (242) 323-7814/5 (242) 356-0245
Dr. The Hon. Duane Ernest Lascelles Sands Minister of Health 502-4700 or 502-4877
The Hon. Theodore Brent Symonette Minister of Financial Services, Trade and Industry and Immigration 328-5071-6
Senator The Hon. James Kwasi Malik Thompson Minister of State for Grand Bahama 352-8525/6
The Hon. Renward Ricardo Wells Minister of Agriculture and Marine Resources 397-7400 or 393-1777 or 393-1014/5