Save the Bays has identified six priority issues that we are working towards via education programs, awareness events, radio, tv and newspaper coverage, legal action, and advocacy.

Halt Unregulated Development
Promote sustainable, responsible development, ensuring that all approvals for residential and commercial projects abide by governing regulations.

Provide Land and Marine Parks
Land-based parks unite communities, preserve land & curb crime while marine parks provide habitats for thousands of species, protect fragile coral reefs & provide economic stimulus for divers.

Pass an Environmental Protection Act
An EPA with regulations and teeth will take the bite out of environmental abuse by making violators accountable for their actions.

Pass a Freedom of Information Act
One of the most powerful tools of democracy, a Freedom of Information Act, allows access to the public’s business. So basic, and yet The Bahamas is one of the last countries in the world not to have such legislation.

Stop Oil Pollution
Thanks to your contributions, Save The Bays is already engaged in legal action to stop oil pollution in Clifton Bay and is prepared to act to protect other waters.

Promote Sustainable Fishing and Support “Conchservation”
Unlike many countries in the region, The Bahamas still has a window of opportunity to preserve fish, crawfish and conch populations for future generations.