THE EVOLUTION OF THE DEATH AND REBIRTH OF VOLUNTEERISM: Presentation at the American Women’s Club during the occasion of the bestowal of scholarships and other donations

Long, long time ago, back in the late sixties and early seventies, before any of young people, or even your parents, were just in the mind of the Creator, I observed with much distress, the dying of volunteerism in our beloved Bahama-land. It moved me so significantly, that I, actually, established in 1978, at the […]

Save The Bays Congratulates Incoming Government, Urges Making Freedom of Information Act a Priority, Promises to Hold Their Feet to ‘da Fire

Hours after the Free National Movement swept the national elections in an historic vote, winning all but four seats in a 39-seat House of Assembly, one of the country’s most popular organisations offered congratulations and urged attention to what it called “promises Bahamians want fulfilled as top priorities.” Chief among those, said Save The Bays, […]

Save the Bays album cover

KB Launches 13 Song Collectors’ Album for STB 3rd Anniversary

Best-selling rake ‘n scrape artist Kirkland ‘KB’ Bodie today made entertainment history, releasing an album that marries his conscience collage with a call for action, 13 songs packed with purpose and driven by heartache and hope. Each of the singles was commissioned by Save The Bays over a period of three years and were released […]

A frantic government comes unhinged

As desperation sets in, the PLP has resorted to accusing hundreds of local activists of terrorism in a last ditch bid hold on to power The government’s latest attack on local NGOs has been denounced as reckless, dangerous and a clear sign of how desperate the PLP party has become. Over the last year, the […]

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Save the Bays Hosts West End Community Cleanup

Save The Bays in conjunction with the West End Eco-Fishing Camp and 4 Ocean are spearheading a community wide cleanup initiative in West End, Grand Bahama this Saturday, April 1 from 9am to 3pm. “Things have changed dramatically over the years in The Bahamas and we are not showing the same pride our parents did,” […]


STB ‘Private Carnival Cruise Port Secret Deal, no consultation, will drive nail in Freeport economy, kill 5 eco-systems’

The chairman and legal counsel for a powerful environmental advocacy group have charged the Christie administration with sealing a deal to create a private cruise port at East End, Grand Bahama that could kill the already struggling Freeport economy and endanger five fragile eco-systems that they say are among the most magnificent in the world. […]