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Inadequate silt barriers allow disturbed sand and silt to float over open waters, smothering coral reefs and suffocating the life that depends upon the habitat, potentially endangering grouper, hogfish and reef species and upsetting the full eco-cycle in a fragile eco-system. The above image was taken from a small plane flying over a development underway at South Cat Cay in the northern Bahamas. Environmentalists from three groups want to know where are those who are supposed to be protecting the marine environment of The Bahamas? They fear the project will mirror the tragedies of nearby Bimini where world-famous dive sites were destroyed by a massive dredger to make way for a cruise ship dock. The cruise ship does not call on Bimini anymore and more than 150 people have been laid off from their jobs at the resort it was intended to serve.

Environmentalists Decry South Cat Cay Development, Document Lack of Marine Protection ‘Before our very eyes’

A small plane circled slowly, flying over the blue-green waters of the northern Bahamas. It should have been a day of sightseeing, photographing an island under carefully managed development with its fragile marine resources protected as the gems that will lure those who will eventually visit, live there or leave their yachts. Instead, what they […]

Serious work where others play – Young Vernice Flores, a volunteer with Waterkeepers Bahamas Swim Guide program, is learning the skill of collecting water samples at Xanadu Beach. Looking on are Flores’ parents, Drs. Ryan Perez and Vermie Jean Florendo-Perez. Samples will be tested within three hours for feces and other bacteriological substances that could pose a risk to swimmers.

Waterkeepers Bahamas Trains Volunteers to Test Waters for Swim Safety

Waterkeepers Bahamas Executive Director Rashema Ingraham spends hours at beaches in The Bahamas every week, but she isn’t splashing in the water, combing for shells or searching for treasure. Ingraham is part of a team that tests water at 16 public beaches in The Bahamas on a regular basis. The monitoring is a partnership between Waterkeepers […]

Three years after the 450-foot suction dredger M/V Niccolo Machiavelli (above) was retained by developers to dredge the North Bimini bay to clear the way for a 1,000 ferry dock to serve the casino and hotel under construction, the ferry is no longer in service, several of the world’s most precious coral reefs were destroyed and on Wednesday, Resorts World Bimini announced it was laying off 150 workers. The company blamed it on ongoing hurricane repairs and storm-related declines in visitor numbers. Save The Bays reports that developers ignored local and international advice, pleadings and warnings that could have prevented the environmental degradation of the fragile, low-lying island and its marine resources.

Save The Bays Sympathizes with Resorts World Bimini Workers Following Lay-offs, Says Resort Suffered Damage after Developer Ignored Environmental Warnings

Environmental advocacy group Save The Bays expressed sympathy today for the 150 workers laid off from Resorts World Bimini just as the high season was set to start, but said construction of the resort and surrounding properties proceeded “full steam ahead despite repeated and stern warnings about its disregard for the natural environment and what […]

Bahamas Photographer

Save The Bays Applauds Ragged Island Green Rebuild Plan ‘Most Progressive Measure in Region to Prepare for Climate Change’, Seeks Progress Report

Outspoken environmental advocacy and education organization Save The Bays today redoubled its support for the government’s plan to rebuild storm-ravaged Ragged Island with sustainable design and renewable energy sources, creating the first fully green island in the region. “The Bahamas now has an opportunity to become a regional leader in mitigating against the effects of […]

Waterkeepers Bahamas urges the government not to shorten the closed season for Nassau grouper with the species already on the critically endangered list and marine ecologists reporting that the stock has declined between 70% and 90% in several historical locations in The Bahamas. (Photo courtesy of Grant Johnson – Shark Lab)

Waterkeepers Bahamas Urges Government Not to Shorten Closed Season for Grouper

Climate change already adding more threat to survival of endangered species, says environmental advocacy group   Waterkeepers Bahamas today expressed alarm over government’s announcement it was considering a plan to shorten the closed season for Nassau grouper, a critically endangered species already threatened by over-fishing and climate change. “The Bahamas is one of the few […]

Save The Bays 2nd Camp Eco-Explorer Week Treats Younger Campers to Environmental Treasures and Secret Places

” order_by=”sortorder” order_direction=”ASC” returns=”included” maximum_entity_count=”500″] Campers all over the world ride horses, swim and eat S’mores by an open fire, but at one camp in Grand Bahama youngsters got to hang out with fish, mangroves, reef balls and sting rays. They were the dozen lucky enough to take part in the second session of Camp […]


Beach, water conditions at your fingertips, thanks to new monitoring service by Save The Bays, WaterKeepers Bahamas

Thinking about a swim? There’s an app for that. For the past two months, Save The Bays and Waterkeepers Bahamas have been monitoring 16 beaches on New Providence, Grand Bahama and Bimini, collecting and testing water samples to check for bacteria and ensure safe swimming conditions and shoreline activities.             The testing and reporting are part of […]