Contact Your Government Officials

Voice Your Concerns to Ministers and Members of Parliament

In order for us to change laws and create new ones, we need to make our Government aware that we want change now.  Here are the addresses of your government representatives, please write them a letter (or email) and tell them your concerns.  You have a voice and you can make the difference.

Foulkes. His Excellency Sir Arthur A. Governor General  322-1875
Christie, The Rt. Hon. Perry Gladstone Prime Minister & Minister of Finance 327-1530/1|5826
Davis, The Hon. Philip E. Brave Deputy PM & Minister of Works and Urban Development Cat Island, Rum Cay & San Salvador 322-4830/9
Darville, The Hon. Dr. Michael Minister for Grand Bahama Grand Bahama 352-6332|351-9710
Dorsett, The Hon. Kendred Minister of the Environment and Housing Southern Shores 322-6027/6005
Fitzgerald , The Hon. Jerome Minister of Education, Science and Technology Marathon 322-8140|502-2700/4
Gibson, The Hon. D. Shane Minister of Labour and National Insurance Golden Gates 322-3105|323-7814/5
Gomez, The Hon. Damien A.L. Minister of State in the Ministry of Legal Affairs Central and South Eleuthera 332-2112|334-2034
Gomez, The Hon. Dr. Michael Perry Minister of Health North Andros and Berry Islands 502-4700
Gray, The Hon. V. Alfred Minister of Agriculture, Marine Resources and Local Government MICAL 328-27002/9
Griffin, The Hon. Melanie Minister of Social Services Yamacraw 323-7814/5|323-7547
Halkitis, The Hon. Michael Minister of State for Finance Golden Isles 327-1530/1
Johnson, The Hon. Daniel Minister of Youth, Sports and Culture Carmichael 502-0600/5
Martin, The Hon. Glenys Hanna- Minister of Transport and Aviation Englerston 328-2701
Mitchell, The Hon. Frederick Minister of Foreign Affairs & Immigration Fox Hill 322-7624/5
Nottage, The Hon. Bernard J. Minister of National Security & Leader of Government Business Bain & Grants Town 356-6792/3
Pinder, The Hon. Ryan Minister of Financial Services Elizabeth 328-5071-6
Rolle, The Hon. Khaalis Minister of State for Investments Pinewood 327-5826/7
Strachan, The Hon. Hope Minister of State in the Ministry of Transport and Aviation Seabreeze 328-2701
Wilchcombe, The Hon. Obediah Minister of Tourism West Grand Bahama and Bimini 302-2000
Hamilton, Mrs. Cleola|Parliamentary Sec. Minister of Foreign Affairs and Immigration 356-5956|356-5960
Moss, Mr. Anthony|Parliamentary Secretary Minister of Agriculture, Marine Resources and Local Government 328-2700/1
Wells, Mr. Wenward|Parliamentary Secretary Minister of Works and Urban Development 322-4830

MPs – Members of Parliament

Chipman, Hubert Member of Parliament St. Anne’s
Curry, Renardo Member of Parliament North Abaco
Forbes, Arnold Member of Parliament Mount Moriah
Forbes, Picewell Member of Parliament Andros
Grant, Neko C. Member of Parliament Central Grand Bahama 357-5200
Key, Edison M Member of Parliament Central & South Abaco
Lightbourn, Richard Member of Parliament Montagu
Miller, Leslie O. Member of Parliament Tall Pines 302-1000/325-4101
Minnis,Hon. Dr. Hubert A. Leader of the Oppostion, MP Killarney
Moss, Gregory Kevin Member of Parliament Marco City
Neilly, Theo J. Member of Parliament North Eleuthera
Rollins, Sylvester Andre Member of Parliament Fort Charlotte
Smith, Dion Duke Member of Parliament Nassau Village
Turner-Butler, Loretta Member of Parliament Long Island
Turnquest, Peter Member of Parliament East Grand Bahama 727-1264/351-6433


Bannister, The Hon. T. Desmond Senator, Opposition Leader
Bazard, The Hon. Cheryl Senator
Bell, Sen. The Hon. Keith Minister of State in the Ministry of National Security 356-6792/3|356-4400
Burrows, The Hon. Gregory Senator
Curry,The Hon. Joseph Senator, Vice President
Gibson, Sen. The Hon. Z.C. Allyson Maynard Attorney General and Minister of Legal Affairs 502-0400/70
Gomez, The Hon. Jerome Senator
Hunt, The Hon. Heather Senator
Russell, The Hon. Julian Senator
Sawyer, The Hon. Gary Senator
Smith, The Hon. Frank Senator
Storr, The Hon. Alex Senator
Thompson, The Hon. Kwasi Senator
Tynes, The Hon. Tanisha Senator
Wilson, Sen. The Hon. Sharon President of the Senate