ReEarth Logo_1reEarth has been an environmental watchdog of The Bahamas for the past 24 years. Formed by Duncombe in 1990,

  • Increased public awareness of Environmental issues by airing environmental programmes on ZNS TV.
  • Lobbied Government to pass legislation to stop long line fishing in The Bahamas.
  • Assisted Government in the development of Sustainable Tourism Policies
  • Stopped the capture of wild Dolphins from Bahamian waters and worked to complete the Marine Mammal Protection Act to protect mammals in Bahamian waters
  • 1997 – Year of the Reef -Launched a nationwide campaign to save the reef habitats of The Bahamas.
  • 1988 Year of the Ocean – Began campaigning to stop catching grouper in the mating season.
  • 1999 Galvanized public protest and environmental groups nationally and internationally   in a campaign to save Clifton from private development. Culminating in the creation of the Clifton Heritage Act,  the Clifton Heritage Authority and Clifton Heritage National Park.
  • Say NO to LNG Campaign – successfully stopped AES from siting their LNG regassification facility at Ocean Cay
  • Continue to act  as a pressure group to ensure that all proposed developments in The Bahamas are subject to public consultation, proper environmental assessment and control.
  • No Oil NO Spoil – Oil Exploration and Drilling by Bahamas Petroleum
  • A Living Future – the first ever  blue print document for Governments to formulate a National Environmental Plan for The Bahamas