Andros Conservancy and Trust

ANCAT’s Mission is to protect, preserve, enhance, and restore the natural resources of Andros Island and its marine environment through education, conservation and management for future generations.

Ancat SS'12 (9)

The Andros Conservancy and Trust (ANCAT) Bahamas works to protect and preserve the natural resources and marine environment of Andros Island. ANCAT partners with a variety of national and international organizations on programs and conservation efforts with local communities across the island. The Coalition believes it is vital that young Bahamians are able to enjoy the marine environment of the Bahamas safely and sustainably.

The ANCAT Summer School provides children with the opportunity to swim, snorkel and explore the island to learn about water safety, environmentalism and the responsibility to protect and preserve the natural environment for future generations.

The Andros Conservancy and Trust (ANCAT) Bahamas is a non-governmental, non-profit organization, founded in 1999 to protect, preserve, enhance, and restore Andros Island’s natural resources and marine environment for future generations. ANCAT was initially formed in 1997 by a group of concerned local government representatives, bonefishing guides, and resort owners who felt the need for greater local and national commitment to preserve Andros’ vulnerable natural resources. We are governed by a ten member Board of Directors comprised of a cross-section of local community members.

Over the years our major accomplishments have included helping achieve protection status for grouper spawning aggregations, assisting in establishing the 283,000 acre Central Andros National Park System, and in obtaining and implementing conservation projects in the Central Andros National Parks. Our strength lies in working at both the grass-roots level to involve local communities in conservation efforts, and in partnering with a variety of national and international partners.

Ancat is planning to:

  • Establish and implement a co-management agreement for the Central Andros National Park System with the Bahamas National Trust, with ANCAT and local community involvement.
  • Creek rehabilitation in at least three of Central Andros’ primary settlement areas.
  • Advocate for a compatible coastal zone management plan for Central Andros.
  • Promote and facilitate having Andros and the Great Bahama Bank declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • Actively involve Central Androsians in protecting and preserving their natural environment.
  • Expand the Sustainable Livelihoods program to include at least 90 local community members in environmentally compatible occupations.
  • Build our internal capacity to manage an ever increasing number of conservation actions in Central Andros.